So today, I stupidly forgot the midterm regrade that was due today. I realized it 5 minutes before my first class started. And for the next two hours, I contemplated on what measures I should take. Or rather I was frozen by extreme anxiety.

The main thing was that the regrade would only get me at least 0.1 point back equivalent to 0.1 of the entire course grade. Was it worth it to skip class and go all the way back to the house (a minimum of 15 minutes, a maximum of 50 minutes depending on how fast the bus came) Should I take the blame and absorb the penalty of 0.1 points? Should I sacrifice my pride and ask the professor for some leniency?

The first time I ever did something this silly was in the 5th grade. Most people know that I am a diligent student (when I put my mind and effort into it). I had worked on a map for my class for about a week. It was highly detailed and everything. The night before, I left the poster right by the door intending to take it with me to school that morning. But! I forgot it. My mom dropped me off at school and a terrible realization overcomes me when I enter class. There were two choices there: 1. cry to my teacher and find a phone to call my mom to bring the poster 2. accept the consequences and bring the poster the following day

I chose the latter and received a C on that project.

So today, I thought of all the possible paths I could take. If I missed part of my stat class, I would be hurting my grade in that class especially since the material is so foreign to me. If I missed my lab hour, then the professor might be unhappy that I am not present when my lab group presented. If I missed the methods lecture, I would miss thing that I would need to know for the homework and later tests. And it was only 0.1 point. Of course, since I was so worried about it, I couldn\’t even concentrate in any of the lectures (see previous post). Ultimately, I chose to ruin my pride and asked the professor if I could turn it in later. Pity for my stupidity always works. But now I feel foolish for being so much like an undergrad when I am a graduate student.

The end of my biggest anxiety of the day.

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  1. man.. i hate that feeling…. when i get it i think i turn more pale then i already am.. i just feel all the blood rush out of my face…. =X

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