Awww…Ashlee Simpson messed up! During a SNL preformance, she held the mike to her side while her voice came over the speakers. Whoops? HI 21ST CENTURY VERSION OF MILLI VANILLIIII. Of course, she immediately blames her band. Then she blames the fact that she had acid reflux disease. Wait, rewind that? A team member showed us the video (right before our loonnggg meeting). It confused me at first why she gyrated on the stage a bit, and then walked sheepishly off the stage.

I would have loved to be in the audience. Like most people, I like to watch car accidents.

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  1. Hilarious!! I never liked her. She looks so fake (I suspect she had a nose job coz her nose looks unnatural…but maybe it\’s just an unfortunate nose). I told to never play \”pieces of me\” for me. Curiously I kinda like her sister tho

  2. well all the simpson sisters\’ songs seem to be tailored to get people to plunk 20 dollars for an album. we all know that the songs are catchy, pop-worthy. But are they really great songs? no!

  3. Hm I guess depends on who you talk to. For example, I think Christina Aguilera has a great voice even though her songs are very poppy. I really like fighter…I think it\’s just different tastes…I don\’t like JEW either, so =P

  4. I like JEW!!!! :) Anyhooo…was the blunder done or purpose for attention? Or was it a mistake done by the drummer? I heard he pressed the wrong button which played the wrong song.

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