Decision time again.

What to do for this coming summer since there may be any funding for me during the summer.

Option 1: take the HCI final project (must start next semester)
– work with people I already know
– I will finish the program in May 2006 rather than August 2006
– \”imprisioned\” in Pittsburgh for the next 8 months
– heavy courseload -> kill poor me!

Option 2: take an internship somewhere (not even guaranteed)
– with the hci background I finally have, I can actually get a position that will be related to a future field rather than the mindless internships I had previously
– more flexibility
– probably will have to move somewhere, preferably california
– will have to sublease my room in my house (subleasing has always been a nightmare for me)
– will not see my classmates forever

Option 3: travel and see the world, one of those get-to-know-yourself experience
– I see the world. DUH.
– utilize the last break I ever would have
– need money
– trip probably would not last all 3 months, would be bored in between

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  1. Work for 2 months and travel for 1 =) That\’d be ideal – you\’d make enough money to pay for your travels, you\’ll get good job experience AND get to see the world. Might be easier said than done, but from my past internship experience, they would not have had a problem with me ending it a little early – wish I had taken advantage of that though.

  2. so undecided. because the final project would be almost real-world work, yet no money. travel with who and to where? right now, sort of leaning toward doing the project. and obtaining an internship is so questionable considering how I wasn\’t able to get any last summer at all

  3. mmm… I would say option 2…. wow, you have a lot to decide on… I would just say option 2 because you get the actual job experience…. which should help you in the long run…:)

  4. Definitely at least try for internships. Graduating 3 months early won\’t really help you in the long run, whereas real-world job experience at an internship will. If you can work it out, take a few weeks off to travel =) I don\’t think the difference between say a 10 week internship versus a 12 week is that different. It\’s all about getting the internship on your resume and some experiences to talk about. Take it from a fogy who graduated from undergrad early – it doesn\’t make a difference. And you have the rest of your life to work – so travel and have fun when you have the opportunity =) It\’s good to travel outside of your comfort zone and broaden your outloook on life (i promise i really feel that way and didn\’t just take it out of one of my MBA application essays =)

  5. haha so unsure. because the project would offer the same experience as an internship. or i could do a co-op here with a local company and get the same experience. ARGGGHHHHHH…NOT SURE!

  6. an internship always sounds better on the resume, and you could always use the experiences and references in the future :P

  7. strangely enough, if i was the one looking outside in…I would say internship. But there are experiences here that I will not let go. And the possibility of getting a job w/o an internship is the same. i have had two prior internships…but we\’ll see…

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