How I am very un-girllike (for my age?):

  • I own only 6 pairs of shoes – two pairs of flip flops, two nikes, one pair of ankle boots, one pair of pseudo-dress shoes
  • I don\’t like or wear perfume – right now, I am sort of suffocating…
  • My entire wardrobe can fit into two large suitcase (minus my jackets)
  • Bugs don\’t scare me
  • I have worn makeup probably three times in my life – all those times someone else put it on for me
  • If I had a choice between the generic chick flick and the generic action movie, I would choose the latter. Always. Of course, if it was between a chick flick and horror, I would choose the former. So maybe not…that characteristic…
  • I tend to know more about (fixing/administering) computers than the average guy!
  • What is this 4-letter word cute??!?!?! Sometimes I can\’t believe I let myself say that\’s cute
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