Food challenges galore!

Reminders to self:

  • Cannot watch the same movie more than two times in a month
  • Will get hiccups if tired and sleepy and…anxious
  • Must prepare for burger challenge
  • If desire arises to roll around in extra virgin snow, must wear shoes that don\’t allow ice to soak through
  • Have weakness for food, especially if someone is cooking for me…(thanks Jeff!)
  • On another note, say no to going out for dinner if have work to do
  • Iced tea is really high frutose syrup
  • Buy boots without heels
  • Heels hurt feet
  • Flying snow hurts face
  • Don\’t step into those brown puddles in the road
  • Don\’t walk too close to the edge of the sidewalk in Pittsburgh
  • Pittsburgh drivers don\’t notice pedestrians
  • Wool is itchy
  • 2 thoughts on “

    1. what a proliferation of lists you have.

      I don\’t see the problem with seeing the same movie twice in a month, as long as it\’s free (or really, really good).

    2. oh that\’s a personal preference. I find that I become very antsy when I see the same movie twice within a same month period. Like I know what\’s going to happen and I can\’t wait until it happens.

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