I am weak. I admit it. Today, I went with a group member to this lumber salvage called Construction Junction to get building supplies for our Home 2020 project. In the class, we\’re creating anything that will demonstrate the home of the future, namely my group (3 of which are from computatonal design is creating a springy kid\’s room where the floor will interact with the walls. So we were supposed to get 2x6s to create the 6 foot cube. After that adventure of choosing pieces of salvage lumber from a huge pile outside, loading and unloading, I swear…my muscles ached. I got one splinter on the pinky of my left hand. And I could barely put my hands up to put my hair in a ponytail. We ended up getting 2x10s…sticking out of my groupmate\’s car. When I was helping him unload, I could barely lift a piece.

I hate being a stereotype. Unfortunately I am the female stereotype of strength. I don\’t like standing around helplessly, yet my lending of a hand is only enough to carry a piece of cardboard.

Speaking of which, I present the SIXTY-NINE chair (this shows only one piece). We created this last week for our cardboard furniture project. Basically we glued A LOT of pieces of cardboard together and cut them on the bandsaw to create chairs.

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  1. I assure you you a lot more strength than I do =) I can never open my pasta sauce (new) and have to ask my (male or female) friends.

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