GRRRR GAAAAH! So I guess the week has accumulated to its peak now. I got sick again! Again. AGAIN!

EDIT: 8:25 pm – took ibuprofen. \”illegal\” dosage of 600 mg. passed out in bed. feverish dreams abound.

EDIT: 9:30 pm – must…must…do work. fever now 101.5. feel cold even though it\’s 70+ degrees in my room.

EDIT: 10:01 pm – send e-mail to interface and interaction design instructor to request for an extension for project due on Wednesday

EDIT: 12:55 am – did work. fever now only 99. don\’t feel like there is a clamp around my head. productive mucusy cough starts. think have talked too much about being sick to people. think also to spread around the disease. feel hot. think about stripping.

EDIT: 1:17 am – flash crashes on me. i am mad, but it\’s not because my \”flu\” has made me delirious. if only flash could read my mind. flashy flash.

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