As a result of the past week, I have learned that people have different communication styles. People have a different set of values. A different set of priorites. There\’s no one single way to deal with all these people.

Most of all, in any situation, always try to make the majority happy. But in that case, does that mean you\’re included? Sometimes I feel like I sacrifice my own happiness for other\’s happiness. Here we go with my masochistic tendencies.

So are females complex beings? Males are simple creatures. That\’s what makes them so great.

A random aside, one of my friends said that there must be something wrong with a girl who has many guy friends. But hey that\’s me!

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  1. \”Most of all, in any situation, always try to make the majority happy.\”

    * Unless it\’s unethical, or wrong. One\’s own logic and analysis should always take priority.

  2. i\’m very opposed to trying to make the majority happy. most of the time, what the majority wants is what\’s easiest/quickest/useless. acting in the benefits of the majority — conforming — only makes one a good follower. and really, in conforming, you end up doing what the masses want, and generally not what the individual (yourself) wants.

    the world is filled with people who lead or people who follow. i guess i\’ve just never been a follower. you need both in order for society to function. if you wish to act for your sake and not for everyone elses, i\’m just saying that the option is available — and it\’s a perfectly good one.

    \”males are simple creatures.\” i\’d elaborate and say males are simple because they are generally straight-forward and consistent. being inconsistent and obtuse does not make anyone complex in the deep sense. rather, complex in the pain in the ass sense…

    my friends have always been predominantly female, and for the majority of them, their friends were predominantly male. i don\’t think there\’s anything wrong with people who actually get along with and enjoy the other sex. do you?

  3. and now therein lies the question. do not what you think they want, but do what they need best. is that the way?

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