I downloaded an itunes script yesterday so that people could see the song I am currently listening to in my away message. But then once I instantiated it, I wondered how many people would really check. Furthermore, do I want people to know about my guilty pleasures? Like how a little bit of Britney has trickled into my playlist and how sometimes I will listen to lovelorn ballads for hours.

That brings a question of music listening. Do people like to share their music–as a method of bonding? Or is it simply a private experience–the way to cast everyone aside and get lost in the music. At concerts, although I do not like going alone, once the music starts, I get lost in the music forgetting that I am with anybody. That it\’s just me an individual taking part in the nodding, the appreciation, the beat and the music.

I am designing a digital music player for my interface/interaction design class and these are questions that we\’re trying to address.

Sometimes when I hear a song, I am reminded of a moment. Or a phase. Sometimes it\’s a painful memory. That song \”Nobody Knows\” still fits into that category.

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  1. Regarding your playlist privacy, be paranoid, be very paranoid.

    Regarding how songs remind you of somethings, that reminded me that I wanted to blog that, so thanks.

  2. Music unlocks many things….Memories and songs go hand in hand for me. Hard to design something when it can trigger so many memories…

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