After the William Hung fanaticism in Berkeley, I was shocked to learn that my friend April was participating in the Asian American Idol contest (by the way, go vote). Yet, singing is one of the very few ways that you can tug at someone\’s heartstrings. How many ways are there in life to really make someone happy…someone sad…? That by singing, you can control people\’s emotions.

In other news, this season of 24 is over. I was slightly disappointed by the plot and how Fox perpetuated incorrect stereotypes. And not that many people were killed this season! :(

Anyway, this season I learned:

  • never enter the house of a significant other especially when the mother is being surprisingly nice to me
  • if i find a hard drive in the wall, don\’t share the discovery with the FBI agent present
  • siblings always have something stupid to hide
  • if i date a CTU agent, not only friends close to me, but also my family will be tortured and/or killed
  • don\’t ask a family friend for painkillers
  • only gun store owners who are originally from the Middle East are your allies
  • if you capture a terrorist, he will escape within 5 minutes no matter how much of a perimeter you set up
  • it\’s pretty easy to steal a stealth fighter
  • epinephrine will save your life even if your head is bleeding
  • you can inject needles through layers of clothes
  • if you date the secretary of defense, you will also get involved with the daughter of the secretary of defense
  • carry around a Cubs mug
  • if you think he died, he really didn\’t
  • don\’t invade the Chinese consulate
  • if you see an airplane disaster in the middle of the desert, don\’t go near it
  • your cellphone will always work in the desert even if you\’re several levels deep
  • if you call the authorities and you hear the word football, run
  • if you want to disappear, take out the battery from your cellphone
  • rain doesn\’t wash away bloody footprints
  • if you\’re jack bauer, you never really die
  • the former presidents always return
  • don\’t have threesomes! one of them is always a terrorist!
  • your next door neighbors could be terrorists
  • if your hard drive was shot, you can still get information from it
  • there is always a way to hack into a computer – you just need to press shift and f4
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