I am typing from Chicago, waiting to go to rehearsal dinner for my cousin\’s wedding. *cough* Why is my uncle and aunt taking so long to get ready?

This will be the first time in almost 10 years that my entire dad\’s side will be together. I haven\’t seen a few of my cousins for that long… I know tonight will be filled with the usual Asian bragging (about their children) and somehow a family connection. On the way from the airport, my aunt asked me the blunt question, \”Do you have a boyfriend?\”

To which, I replied, \”I have high standards.\”

I come from an area, an era where people don\’t need to get married so young. Where getting a steady job is most important. Where satisfying your own goals are more important than settling down and starting a family. And it\’s a place where we are supposed to believe i don\’t need someone to make me happy, but so often we go home alone and mope about loneliness.

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