I know how to stalk. :) And because I am cheap, I am never going to pay $100 for some heavy duty stalking.

Number one tool: google.com – the best search engine in the world. Search for the full name or even aim screenname. All you want is some more info, right? I have the microsoft accessories installed in my browser so all I have to do is type \”gg name\” in the address…then BOOM, I\’ll find out where you have posted, where you have signed guestbooks, where you live…

Number two tool: university student directory if the college of that person is known. it\’s amazing that people don\’t know what they have in there. As for me, I made sure only my e-mail address showed up. I get a lot of spam already, so why not get some more? ;)

Number three tool: infospace.com. now this may not be the most helpful thing, but it\’ll help you narrow the location if the stalker calls your cell with an unblocked number. I simply love reverse lookup.

Number four tool: white pages. Although this isn\’t helpful especially since people are more aware of their privacy in this area, it might help if you lost that helpful phone number. Last time I used the yellow pages successfully was when I lost my friend\’s phone number…but fortunately I recognized her mom\’s name and found it in the phone book (after flipping through ten pages). Good stuff. :)

Number five tool: their friends. Human beings naturally have big mouths. I know I do.

Go get \’em!

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