Maybe I am a wimp or something, but I find myself doing favors for people without hesitation. Nooooo…not sexual favors, you sickos!

Like how Eddie asked me to write his personal college essay and \”tutor\” him in SATs. I couldn\’t help it, because he had that helpless look in his eyes.

And like how I carted Xing back and forth to Sunvalley Mall. That trip put 100 miles on my car…in one day. Not to mention the gas I wasted when we were stuck in traffic at the Caldecott tunnel.

And how I would walk to my friends\’ apartments 20 minutes away willingly…without any complaint. I know my sister does the exact same thing. We feel resentful sometimes.

And now I go psychotic wondering whether people are taking advantage of me. Is this bitterness even valid?

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