i just cant understand the hearts of men
they tell you they want you and then they leave you
this is the first time, you\’re special
i believed those words and i was so happy

you should have told me you didn\’t like me any more
but i couldn\’t see that and you just rushed me
although i will curse you, i\’ll still miss you
since i am a girl, to whom love is everything

i heard that if you give up things too easily
to a man, he will get bored with you
i don\’t think this is wrong
a girl says that she will never be fooled again
but she will fall in love again

we separated today
you said you wanted me to be happy
and find a better person than you
you\’re just like every other man
didn\’t you tell me you loved me?
actually, i don\’t want you to be happy
what if you find a girl who\’s prettier than me
and live happily with her?
what it makes you forget me
when im hurting so much, so much i want to die
when i still love you so much…

don\’t take advantage of a girl\’s willingness
to do anything for love
and her caring instinct
i didn\’t know that to be born as a girl
and to be loved was so hard
although i will curse you i\’ll still miss you
since i am a girl, to whom love is everything

although i will curse you i\’ll still miss you
since i am a girl, to whom love is everything

Hey babe
the pain
it\’s not enough to describe how i feel
we were so happy together
but i know now
i\’ve been blind
you told me that youd never let me down
whenever i needed you you\’d always be here
i can forgive but i cant forget
even though you hurt me
i still love you
i still love you

Last weekend, my sister sent me a music video in Korean. (Yes, that\’s where the above translated lyrics come from) Somehow, the vivid storyline of sacrifice was so heart-tugging that it made me cry. Yes, even though the characters didn\’t even speak. After a lot of research (a lot of time on google), I figured out the English translation of the song: Because I am a girl [or woman depending on the translator] was sung by Kiss, a new Korean group made up of three members with weird stage names – Mini, Jini, and Umji.

So why…is love always blind?

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  1. I have that song with bits of Engl narration in it. I\’ll send it to you if you want :P Heh

  2. comment
    thank you for your translated lyrics. I have been looking for it for days. My friend sent the music video to me. But I don\’t even speak Korean at all. Just simply being touched by the song, I started looking for the lyrics. I got some Korean friends willing to help me out with the translation. But now, problem has been solved here. By the way, do you have the lyrics in Korean? If so, please email me. Thanks a lot

  3. Hey, I would like to ask for a favor from you if it\’s possible. Do you have the URL for Because I\’m a girl ???…I want to play it in my site but dont know where I can get the URL so please help me if you can…thanx a bunch!!..

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