Yesterday I went on an ice cream tour in the Pittsburgh metro (in honor of my sister entering her terrible twos). It was simply amazing. Somehow I concieved the idea more than a month ago when I stumbled upon best ice cream places in the Pittsburgh metro.

Like wine tasting. But ice cream tasting!

On the way to a frozen custard place, we serendipitiously discovered another ice cream place where we stopped at. Then a real dairy farm that had many creative flavors (I had Play Dough). Afterwards, we headed back to Pittsburgh where we stopped at Klavon\’s in the Strip District. By that point, we were totally…full and sugared out. Unfortunately. There were about four more places we could have gone. It was one of those experiences I won\’t regret. Even though I did need to roll home and almost passed out from ice cream exhaustation (ok i did have to take a 2 hour nap afterwards)…

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