One of my favorite projects so far in the hci program is the music player design. Recently, Braden put up all the video sketches of our classmates. The project was to design a music player that would fit the target user\’s emotional needs. And of course, extend our creativity. Each video sketch demonstrates how the played will be used in its context as well as its features. I may have bugged a lot of people about seeing my group\’s iCube. But it\’s for a reason. It was absolutely fantastic. I still think our music selection is the best and matches the mood of our character in the video.

If you were wondering what HCI is all about, check that out.

On another note, I thought I had globus hystericus (as Freud would describe a lump in the throat caused by psychological distress) but it turned out to be only a ball of mucus. Doh.

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