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I have the entire SWSX file, over 1000+ songs from the music artists that played at SWSX this year. Yes it\’s all legal. And yet.

Music lifts my mood. Nowadays, I bury myself in music to drive away the stress. To block noise. I trip over myself on the street. Listen to Keane. Feeling a little angsty? Listen to Piebald. Feeling very reflective and introspective? A dash of Howard Shore and Hans Zimmer. Boy rejects me. Endochine will clean that right up.

It\’s hard for me to find new music nowadays. Back in the day, I knew people who would share their music taste. Then as a result, I would discover at least 5 new groups per month. But now it has dwindled. I get bored of my latest favorites (The Arcade Fire, The Wedding Present). I want to hear more of Parker House and Theory. I want more of Scissor Sisters. More of Muse. More of Stereophonics. More of something good. My ipod, aptly named Nyx the goddness of night, wants some loving. Recommend me music!

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  1. So i had to comment again.
    if you want more PHT, we have a new site launching tommorow, and its gonna have a ton of new music. and what not..and we have a HUGE show this thursday, in boston, which is a far cry from pittsburg, but we will be hitting philly soon. or email me bout coming to you to play. we play colleges all over.

    once again thanks for liking the tunes.


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