Listening to Elliot Smith\’s \”Alameda\”, it makes me wonder if he knew what was going to happen a few years later. The song starts out by guitar strumming, a slow steady beat and then his voice appears. A similar quality like that of the Beatles. It has a sad moody quality, recalling a rainy dreary afternoon staring outside in the streets. An emotional quality.

Do people really know how we are like by our art? Many people who knows me often describe me as moody. Others describe me as extremely happy on the outside (my ims filled with excitement, my e-mails with fervor), but as they read my deeper thoughts in my blog and journal, they say that I am too deep, sometimes too deep of sorrow. To them, I am a living paradox of emotional balance. Perhaps, I consider what I write, maybe not here, a reflection of myself.

On Elliot Smith though. It is a tragedy, but I have always wondered what would have happened if someone had stepped in…in these kind of situations. What if someone was just there and had the courage to listen, not advise. It just seems that in today\’s world, people are more prone to tell people what is wrong and what should be fixed that they neglect to listen. I do the same. But from my own personal experience, the downs I have had, the only reason I was able to survive them was because there were people who listened to me vent, cry, and simply mope. So many people nowadays are afraid to upset people that they seem aloof and uncaring. Just a thought.

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