Today, I was shocked when one of my friends described me as extroverted. She could never see me as someone who stayed inside her dorm room all the time (as I did freshman year) This came from her first impression of me when I talked to everyone during the hci orientation week to the first year students (I am a second year student). I suppose it also comes from the fact that I am project manager for the design competition group…

This is totally different from how I see myself. I am an introvert. I have always believed that I fit into the stereotype of the (bright) shy, quiet asian girl. The one who seeks to hide in the corner, suffering from social anxiety. My outward appearance doesn\’t really fit that mold anymore. Yet, I would hate giving up the introverted label.

An introvert in society is actually rarer than an extrovert. Perhaps too, I would hate giving up being like everybody else.

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  1. Online and off line are two different personalities. Or at least that is what I notice.

  2. First of all, congratulations, you finally did it! Someone labeled you as an extrovert. Isn\’t this what you were shooting for!?
    Secondly, stop labeling yourself!

  3. Are you starting to do FreeStuffCrazy again. The writing is starting to sound a lot like you or is that just a coincidence?

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