Something Jason sent awhile to the mac geeks he knows in the mhci program: Cool Mac Apps. I am always looking for a way to show off OSX. I mean, seriously does Windows have anything as great as SubEthaEdit (a collaborative editing tool)?

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  1. Argh!!!! Don\’t say it! I came up with an idea for exactly such a program for CS169 at Berkeley (Fall 2003). We created a mock up of the GUI and made a full design document, only to have the professor reject the idea! We were already coding it (in Java).
    We ended up doing a digital image steganography app, another group-memeber\’s idea.
    Now I see this program, and I\’ve already noticed a similar one, and I can\’t help but be really paranoid as to why these apps have the same exact functionality as what was in our design doc, and pretty much, the same exact GUI! I know for a fact that, at least the app I linked to, popped up way after my idea was put out there.
    Oh well, they say you snooze, you looze.
    I wonder when SubEthaEdit was first published?

  2. I just checked using It seems SubEthaEdit was started a few months before hand. What a coincidence.
    Funny that both of these apps are on German sites.

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