Today, I had a mini droplet of mojitos. Nowadays, I want to break out of my self-imposed ban on alcohol. So when Ricardo made me a fresh glass of mojito, I willingly took it. Unfortunately, the first two sips I took…I decided that I couldn\’t take it anymore. The alcohol was actually too strong and I decided that it probably wasn\’t worth it. Then it\’s a zap back to my self-imposed restriction. Why drink if I can still have fun without it?

I can only embarrass myself once a week. So this is why I went bowling. Every week, before the bowling night (we have been going every week), I think about how much I don\’t want to go. And I then I say so. But no matter what, someone convinces me (too easily, of course) to go. I never bowl that well. Today, my best score was only a 62. I did get one strike in that game, but otherwise I filled up all my frames with gutter balls.

But then we went to Eat N\’ Park afterwards which made me happy. Food. Yummy. So bowling today, no poker tomorrow. If I make a fool of myself once, I just don\’t have the energy to do it on a consecutive day. I just can\’t.

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