I made it back to Pittsburgh alive after a dreadful exhaustive flight. Why do I have the worst luck and get stuck next to unkind passengers on the plane? On the leg from Minneapolis to Pittsburgh, I got sat next to two teenagers (or maybe they were college students, but they acted immature). At first, I thought it would be nice to have a conversation but killed any idea of initiation when I saw them \”fighting\” each other. One would knock the tray table down for the other. They would shine the overhead lights on the other\’s faces to wake him up and turn up the air to annoy the other one. One listened to his portable music player as the plane ascended (against FDA regulations?) Then they played with their cellphones in the air. *cough* What was interesting was that they had packed bags of candy (similar to what my sister and I would do on long trips). But still annoying.

Although I can\’t say this compared to the trip where I was next to a pleasantly plump woman (nothing against them, but…) who had a spasm every minute while sleeping and shook the entire row. No arm rests there.

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  1. I love flying. I hate the airports. However, I would be jaded too if that keep happening.

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