American culture dictates that females should be hairless, which is rather interesting because shaving off hair only seems to be a fashion statement. Nowadays, not only do I need to be relatively hairless, but I also need to maintain an eyebrow shape (instant facelift, you see) and all these other trivial things.

I remember several years ago when it hit the tabloids that Julia Roberts did not shave her underarms. There was a picture of her exiting the airplane as she was waving and the photograph captured something so unsightly that someone had to report it to the entire world. I didn\’t know why it was such a big deal, but it\’s a cultural phenomenon. Or a societal norm?

That\’s why it was so intriguing when I came across a picture of a female posed with hairy underarms. Why? Who? Where?! WHAT!

I suppose this is the same as the social norm in America (unlike Asia) where if we bump into someone, we are obligated to apologize (even though we don\’t feel regretful at all).

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  1. i\’d say esthetic and tactile before fashion…

    i dunno about Asia, but in japan, people do apologize if they bump into you, and they mean it. if i bump into someone and apologize, i mean it, too…

    w/the shaving thing, r u telling us you don\’t shave…? …for asia, it seems female shaving is limited only to the arm pits… bad. =/

  2. When I was in Hong Kong 10 years ago (yes, a teeny bopper), I remember feeling so shocked when old chinese ladies ran into me without apology. I suppose this would be the same in San Francisco. A dragon lady mentality? An aggression?

    I didn\’t really learn how to apologize and thank you until really…late high school. Then I didn\’t learned about all these beauty expectations until early college. At first, I found it to be frivolous to have to maintain myself beyond cleanliness and fairly straight hair. But as years went by, I discovered that it was necessary to present a sufficient appearance. I hated it with a fire, but now I expect it in other people. So yes I do shave where it is expected in America.

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