While on a search for CSS and displaying tabular data, I found an obnoxious defender of tables. Granted, I switched over from tables to complete css more than 2 years ago and still have difficulty remembering all the commands for the css layout. Still, I find it much easier to deal with a css layout than a table layout where it meant a lot of estimations and guesses. In css, absolute and relative positions have saved my life (and my blog\’s life).

It is people like this that have no idea what HCI and usability is really about. Or perhaps, just the obnoxious software developers who believe that it is the user\’s fault for not learning an interface well enough. After studying HCI for more than a year, I can\’t stand to hear an argument without a tradeoff. With any benefit in the world, there is at least one tradeoff. Nothing is ever perfect. Neither is CSS or tables.

But moreover, it is people like this…that grate on my nerves. I do have a few friends who can get caught up in debates becoming more extreme over time in their singular opinion. Over the years working in teams, it is important to always consider both sides of the argument. No cognitive tunneling please! No absolute statements. Nothing is black and white, right?

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  1. IMO, using CSS instead of tables for tabular data would be inefficient and inappropriate. That\’s the one place I must say using tables is perfectly correct.
    :) Heck, go ahead and use CSS to spruce up your tables.

    On another note, Firefox 1.5 is out. Support for CSS2, CSS3, and SVG!
    I wonder what pages with SVGs will look like. There are many things that can be done. One big step forward, this is.

  2. the world is flat. there\’s a white side, and a black side, and god keeps people from falling off.

    that\’s an absolute fact.

    and microsoft roooolz.

  3. i pity you, kid. those in the gnow use CP/M.

    Vakuumschläuche über alles.

    Whack out with your VAX out, yo. -_- \\/

  4. Tables are awesome. They keep my food from falling to the floor when I eat.

    Free yourself from the tyranny of abstraction! Join the programmer\’s liberation front today!

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