I have been organizing and planning a new year\’s party (a few friends are getting hotel rooms in downtown SF) and have been trying to invite everyone that I know who may be in the bay area. I had been spamming people I hadn\’t seen for a few years. People who I neglected to keep in touch with since I moved to Pittsburgh. And strangely enough, it has been all working out.

After inviting people I knew in college and grad school, I started on the people I knew before all of that. Suddenly, I came to a dead end. My social life before college was nonexistant. I thought of my high school and middle school \”friends\”. It\’s not that we didn\’t keep in touch. It\’s more that I was only friends with them because I didn\’t want to be alone. Moreover, we were all collectively \”outcasts\” in school. I remember having three pleasantly plump friends–Megan, Jamie and Amanda. I was the tiniest one. I was a mute in any social situations. I liked them only for the fact that they liked me. But that\’s our high school selves, isn\’t it?

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