Sometimes I can\’t help but stare.

I hate rubbernecking, but I\’ll stare, observe any random person.

Staring is rude yes, but on buses, subways…I have noticed that people always stare at the floor like they\’re afraid of seeing people\’s emotions on their faces. They\’re listless, unmoving. Some wear headphones looking into nothingness. We all sit silently together in the same place.

Lately, I have been practicing my staring skills. If someone catches me staring, I\’ll try not to look away. I\’ll hold that glance. That one moment.

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  1. I feel uncomfortable when anyone stares at me in silence even worse after I notice them doing it and they turn away. It\’s probably one of the few things in life I can\’t tolerate at all. I see it as a loose connection. No words passing through, no tears, no smile. Just a stare. If they hold the stare, they smile and turn away. But I think every time I step into the bus there should be a dance party going on in there. I don\’t really know anyone in there. My interests are diametrically opposite to theirs. The only thing we can all enjoy is a dance party with some nice beats. Either that or a debate about Hegelian philosophy.

  2. I hate it when people stare at me. I strongly believe they are just making fun of me or something.

  3. think about it more. i point out the fact that people dislike that connection to other strangers. it\’s only in america isn\’t it? where we give superficial apologies when we bump into someone not even giving them a glance. we live in our bubbles, ignoring a touch and even a stare. we want to be isolated, it seems, only until the moment that a disaster happens that unites us all.

  4. that unity is an illusion if you\’re speaking about 9/11. only the white people \’united\’ with their flags and stuff. for the most part minorities like myself just chilled out like we always do. you have to include the anthrax attacks that were initiated in the U.S. and spread out to all parts of the world all perpetrated by the citizens of their respective countries. huricane katrina? hmm.. sure we gave money but what\’s that got to do with unitedness. people don\’t change overnight.

    i\’m not sure though. i lived in africa for several years. it\’s certainly more friendly but that\’s because you see the same people everyday (small town). whereas a city, everyone is more or less a stranger. it depends on which part of the country you live in. In the South, they were extremely friendly and courteous.

  5. actually, i was talking more about personal crisises. when people have the same problem with someone, they unite. when random strangers are discussing how they have to pay so much for something. a common enemy. i was never talking about the nation uniting, but a few people at a time.

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