I am listening to the 80s.

Last Thursday, Jen and I went to 80s night at the upstage. She loved it and knew every song. I sadly only knew 25% of the songs. As a result though, she dragged me to another 80s night at the Lava Lounge the following night. The next day, she gave me cds of her favorite 80s and as a dutiful housemate, I am listening to them in preparation for our next time.

Who would have known that the pop music from that decade would be called the 80s? When will we get the 90s? What kind of music would comprise the 90s?

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  1. N Sync! BSB! Britney Spears! All that pop goodness that people made so much fun of … yes yes my friend …. they will come crawling back for more!!! Mwahahahahahahahah!!!!

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