I have a friend who leads an ordered life. He wakes up every morning at 8 am. Showers. Eats breakfast shortly. He eats lunch at noon. Thirty minutes max. Works. Dinner sharp at 6. Sleep. Every day must be planned.

I too like order. Randomness is too startling to me, but I refuse to be without serendipity. I plan a part of my day so that spontaneity can occur. A random lunch. An adventure around a city I do not know. A comewithmetogetyarn. Cafe. Because without it, we would never discover those little things we miss so quickly.

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  1. That is very good. I have a very very random life. I sleep sometimes at 2 am or perhaps 3 or 4…maybe taking some naps here and there. Sometimes I have breakfast, or sometimes I sleep through it so I can wake up just in time for lunch. Remember what your father asked you? I wonder when people your age will ever put their life in order?

  2. when i plan to plan, i fail… generally i have a stack of to do\’s in my head, and pop them when the moment strikes me. i don\’t habitually do anything.

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