\”I don\’t want to bring someone into a world of suffering and pain,\” my aunt once said when asked why she decided not to have children.

What would it be like to have a child with cancer? A child always on the brink of a health disaster? I have a few friends whose family is centered around the life of a hospital. The montly, weekly…daily visits. When I went to the hospital several weeks ago for my hand, I was surprised by how accustomed everyone was to all the problems patients their faced. Brittle bones, the diseases, and the like. Almost like the daily routine in life.

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  1. No risk, no reward! There\’s a 0.001% chance your kid will be born messed up. The main reason kids get messed up anyways is because parents smoke or drink or beat their kids or feed them junk or don\’t give them the love and attention they need. Do you want to be forgotten and not leave your mark on the world after you\’re gone? hell no! Having a kid is an awesome experience. Of course, you really have to be ready. It\’s a huge responsibility, not just to your kids, but to society. And you need 2 people to do it, not just one.

  2. if my kid had cancer, then… well, that\’s the risk I took and I accept it. Just think of all the money you\’ll save by not having to buy him stylish clothing, a car, etc. etc. (but then you spend them on med bills)

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