\”Bonnie [our advisor] said \’don\’t date within the program\’,\” someone said yesterday during the guys\’ night out (where yes, i had crashed in the last event).

\”Incest!\” I quipped.

But really, is it a bad idea to date within the workplace? It seems like the only negative part is the discomfort and awkwardness when something isn\’t going right. And moreso when someone gets preferential treatment. It\’s the common story in the movies.

You spend so much time with another person that you can\’t help but notice special qualities. Is that what it is?

When I was at rescomp, there was a line in our rulebook, if dating occurs between the unit supervisor and the rcc, one person must transfer to another unit. A way to control the power? Perhaps.

Dating is a very delicate thing. An attraction between two people.

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  1. No inter-program dating? What a bummer. There go my plans. But then, everyone says that it\’s a bad idea. As Laura says, \”I don\’t sh*t where I eat.\”

    But really, if you can trust each other to both be mature and responsible, then I think it can work out. Some people are just bad judges of how mature they can be I think.

  2. i\’ve never seen it work, ever. and generally the people who did, most people already considered them fairly poor decision makers…

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