I don\’t know why, but I always have trouble sleeping in new places. At least for the first day. So I woke up today suddenly at 6:34 am after going to sleep at 1 am.

The sky outside is already bright, probably due to the higher latitudes in this part of the continent.

I am staying at Le Square Phillips in downtown Montreal. Yesterday, we arrived around 8 pm after a nearly 12 hr drive (with many rest stops). Amazingly, I didn\’t get car sick along the way even though I was working on my laptop most of the time. It was rather an interesting, productive drive.

There\’s going to be 6 of us in this two bedroom suite. It\’s incredibly huge with a full kitchen, dining table (complete with two place settings), one king sized bed, one queen sized bed and a couch pullout. An apartment like this anywhere? No way! Thank god, I decided to go with this rather than the hostel.

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  1. i\’m SO jealous. -_-

    oh, and you must make sure you hit up a beer garden, and definitely order poutines.

    what are you doing there anyway?

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