Are you senior enough?

At what point, would you give up a seat for the elderly? At what point can you tell whether they’re old enough to have the seat you were sitting in?

Sure there are people with gray hair and slightly wrinkled skin. However, would it be an insult to say to the standing person in question, “Would you like my seat?”

Especially if it’s someone who obviously has gone through procedures of health and fitness. Or plastic surgery. All in the effort to look young. You look 50, but I know you’re 65+, have my seat.

3 thoughts on “Are you senior enough?

  1. I don’t think it’d be offensive to ask, especially if they are obviously older than myself. They can always just say no.

  2. Funny – I don’t see a lot of people asking in Chicago. You just get up when you see anyone older, pregnant, or with little kids in tow.

  3. No just direct asking. The moment you stand up, it’s also implied “would you like my seat?” Would anybody get offended? What if I offered my seat to just anybody?

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