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I always do like meeting new people. To me, it’s a path of the unknown. Perhaps I am somewhat addicted to the blank slate—the fact that whatever I did in the past doesn’t matter.

I am trying to keep my connections with people I knew 5 years ago…intact. If ever possible. But it’s years like these that you find the people you like being around and then the differences make it difficult to spend time with those you used to spend hours and hours with.

Today while in the Marina, I ran into two people I knew from high school. Actually not quite “ran into”. I had seen them before at the Irish bar in Walnut Creek last summer. I saw one at Chow in San Francisco and later walking in Trader Joe’s in Lafayette. This time though, I saw them at Crunch Fitness on Chestnut while I was contemplating my fitness demise. I never talked to either of them during high school, but now that I had social skills, do I say something? Do I acknowledge their presence? Before I did anything, one of them waved to me, probably because of my intense staring while contemplating my moves. I waved back and stepped forward. They were both teachers—one teaching first grade and the other teaching high school. I was surprised that one remembered my sister. And as we figured out our current statuses and locations, we became silent again tending to the reasons why we were at Crunch in the middle of a Saturday.

As I was leaving, I said that perhaps I’ll run into them. A polite gesture toward a moment of recognition. Maybe I will though. What have I got to lose?

In other news, I met Suki today! Having spicy Korean food in Parkside. The list of people I know online but have not met in person is dwindling. The only person I haven’t met is Viv—oddly enough, the online friend I have known the longest since 1997 right on the tip of my onlineness.

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  1. There are many I still have yet to meet. I feel like such an online stalker sometimes. :P Good to meet you, we should hang out some time. :D

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