Design Cheap

For the last few months ever I moved into my swanky apartment in San Francisco, I have been thinking about how I could make this place look good without breaking the bank. Of course, my creativity doesn’t extend beyond the computer and I was at a loss, leaving the living room and bathroom pretty much in a minimalist state (as Chris describes it).

But I discovered Ikea Hacker, a blog devoted to making those oh-so-cheap materials into design reality. I can’t say too much on transforming pillowcases into clothing (um, I wouldn’t). But I was impressed by some of the hacks—namely bookshelves in the style of charlotte perriands and an upside down man lamp. I mean, I don’t want people to come into my apartment and say “HEY THAT’S FROM IKEA!”

3 thoughts on “Design Cheap

  1. Oooo, how stylish. I can’t wait to hear/see how you increase the swank factor of your apartment with decorations.

    When I read the “updside down man lamp” I really pictured a human man, upside down and illuminated from the inside out. Disturbing image.

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