Widgets. In my bathroom.

There are two widgets near my bathroom sink right now.

From two glass Guinness bottles.

About 3 years ago, I visited friends in Minnesota and was instantly fascinated with the widgets in their Guinness can. I don’t remember how I did it. Whether it was by bare hands or a knife. Or a fork. Considering I was inside a bar. Somehow by the end of the night, I got the widget out. Unfortunately, it was just a round white plastic thing.

But yesterday at a bbq, I stashed two empty bottles of Guinness (which I did not drink, obviously). And there was something inside! Something that made noise. It’s like the Japanese Ramune Soda. Except I couldn’t see the inside. After the bbq (and a lengthy explanation of why I was carrying empty bottles in my bag), Chris helped me smash the bottles (safely). And with delicate, careful precision, we extracted the widgets and discarded the glass.

It has this hole at the top for nitrogenation according to its entry on Wikipedia. At the bbq, we had argued over its purpose. I believed it was there to keep the beer cold. Another person thought it controlled the way the beer flowed out of the bottle so that a huge head doesn’t form. More people believed it was about how the widget released liquid nitrogen to keep Guinness like how it would flow from draft. And in the end, we found out we were all right in some way.

And now it’s near my bathroom sink.

1 thought on “Widgets. In my bathroom.

  1. Oddly enough I have done the same thing. But I never knew they had them in the bottles as well. Interesting I think i just may have to go find one. ;)

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