Things to do in Chicago

I am heading to Chicago in a few days…to visit friends…and family! Like any big city, I am super-excited to see and do things that people do there…to live the urban life. Despite the many times I have had a layover at ORD and how my relatives live outside the city, I actually barely have ever spent time in Chicago.

And now, I shall!

Things to do (perhaps)

  • eat Frushi (fruit shaped in the shape of sushi) at Orange
  • eat at Moto! liquid nitrogen dipped food and menu printed on a tortilla
  • visit the Museum of Contemporary Art using the Museum Day pass
  • have a cupcake feast like I had an ice cream feast in Pittsburgh
  • ride the L
  • ride the Metra
  • visit the Threadless Retail Store
  • visit the Buckingham Fountain
  • explore Wicker Park especially along Division and places where the movie was filmed!!!
  • eat a Chicago dog!
  • eat a Chicago deep dish pizza—even though I do…dislike pizza…
  • anything else?!

    1 thought on “Things to do in Chicago

    1. Go to the Shedd!
      Go have brunch in Wrigleyville.
      Play in the fountains at Millenium Park.
      Buy something expensive you don’t need on Michigan Ave.
      Go to Sound Bar.
      Eat at Reza’s (River North), a place that has some pretty outstanding Persian food.

      I’ll have to think of some more.

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