Things I learned from Animal Crossing

  • Selling fruit and furniture is a way to make a living
  • The value of 5 pieces of fruit is sometimes equivalent to an expensive exotic table
  • If you send letters to friends with a fruit as a present, they will always send me furniture, wallpaper or carpet
  • A rotten acorn is still worth some money
  • Many of my neighbors are animals
  • Catching fish involves casting the line and waiting until I hear a little splash
  • Money really does grow on trees
  • The post office is open 24/7
  • At night, a cranky employee will service you there
  • When someone is mad, little smoke puffs will appear from their ears
  • Telephones don’t have cords to the wall
  • You will be the only person who works for Nook
  • Besides my roommate(s)
  • There will be 3 fossils per day
  • Digging up holes in the ground will reveal the fossils
  • I don’t need any strength to push furniture around
  • Snowmen that I build can talk
  • Health insurance people will know to send money right after I get stung by a bee
  • I can’t express any visual emotions until a psychologist talks to me
  • Music piracy is advocated
  • It’s typical that a house only has a cardboard box and a candle
  • Houses don’t come with plumbing
  • The attic is your bedroom
  • Pockets are very deep and fit furniture as big as tables and moons
  • A moon can fit inside your house
  • When friends visit, they stay for less than a minute
  • You must always ask permisson from a dog to leave town
  • 2 thoughts on “Things I learned from Animal Crossing

    1. Wow acorns!! Did you time travel?

      I learned that giraffes are stylish and drive cars, walruses are always hungry, and foxes sell you forged paintings.

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