Once it’s said, it’s not a secret anymore

Hi Jenn, I have something very important to speak with you. This is Rod’s wife a female voice said on my voicemail last Monday. She called back about 2 hours later.

Last Monday’s incident freaked me out. More so, how the woman got my phone number. With my name and accused me of having a “relationship” with her husband.

Chris joked it was his wife, but we all know his name doesn’t sound like Rob or Rod.

After much thought, the only place that I have my phone number visible is on my facebook profile. Only available to friends and specific networks. And I have always been very selective of the friends I add.

To me, it was almost a test of whether people will still claim they didn’t have my phone number, when it was right there.

Should I be cautious? My philosophy is that most people are too lazy to look at my information. More so, I would like to have some entertainment in the evenings on my phone (except for telemarketers).

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