I forgot my pin number

At Maker Faire on Sunday, I stumbled upon this beautiful lavender slip. Handmade. With dark green stitching and two silkscreened purple balloons. It had a piece of fake fur with an iridescent button on the front. Small lace fabric decorated the bottom of the slip.

I had to have it.

But then I realized that both Chris and I had only $53 and the dress was $63. She only accepted cash or check. And the fair was going to end in less than 10 minutes.

We rushed to a nearby ATM. I put in my Wamu card. For some reason, I just could not remember my pin number. Earlier in the day, I also had trouble remembering my pin number. So I continued mashing the keypad trying to remember the 4 digit pin number. The same pin number I had for the last few years…and an account that I frequently accessed…I just couldn’t remember.

And at some point, I was locked out of my account since I had entered an incorrect pin so many times.

Somehow we worked it out and got a check…

But I was troubled by the fact that I could not remember my pin number. An account that I had last accessed 3 weeks ago.

Today, I went down to the Wamu branch near work prepared to face the worst. I read online that I would need to go inside and declare my forgotten memory. They would ask me to enter my old pin number so I could get a new pin number, but then I say I can’t remember. And they would give me a look as they see that my account had been accessed 3 weeks ago from the ATM and why couldn’t I remember that number? Then I would present my driver’s license and wait unhappily for 3 days until a letter arrives in the mail with a new pin number…

But instead, I went to the ATM and tried again. Suddenly I remember my pin number on the brand new ATMs and it was as if it never happened.

Then I decided a few days later to open an account at BOFA.

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  1. Hi,

    same thing happened to me yesterday and I googled the problem as I was frightened I was losing it. Nice to know i’m not alone although I had used mine an hour or so earlier. I had to leave a whole trolley of grocerys at the check out, very embarrasing! When I got home I sat down and had a glass of water and it popped back into my head, so i’m putting it down to dehydration.

    Thanks for making me feel better,


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