DIY Fashion

After attending Maker Faire, I started fantasizing about the things I could make. Specifically clothes.

I have a habit of making anything that I would buy repeatedly. Usually food. Pho to spaetzle to bun to hamburgers.

Usually nothing turns out right, but now it turns out there’s a huge DIY fashion community.

What to do with all those free t-shirts I get? Why of course, t-shirt surgery! Especially for something that I would pay $40 for. And the t-shirt reconstruction all the way down to a wedding dress out of white t-shirts.

A t-shirt gallery? Silkscreening classes? All in need of a sewing machine?

But what to do with the t-shirts that say…Nvidia, Ebay…do I want to display them proudly or bleach out their name to use what fabric is left?

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