Nearing the 26th year

Unlike Alex’s predication, I have not stopped discovering new music and started listening to NPR.

For the former, because I am suddenly in a non-college environment, I don’t have the people constantly recommending me new music. For the latter, I tried for one month to live the world of a true 25-year-old, but quickly returned to my naive, superficial self. At least, I discovered and loved This American Life.

I admit though that I hate the idea of standing in a concert surrounded by teeny-boppers. I don’t like the pulsing music beating on the speakers and people shoving me from behind. But every so often, like today, when I listen to the Pillows, I suddenly want to be there in the crowd dancing in my mini space in front of the band. And shouting the words to every song—because I know every song.

The best concerts I have been to are: Beirut at Hertz Hall and Stars at Bimbos. Especially the latter.

Right now, my current discovery is the Best of Bootie 2007—a remix of the major songs from last year.

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