The internets taught me this week #1

  • What drop the ball really means
  • What people really thought about the VMAs
  • I am truly cheap — can’t ever justify having a tiny glass of wine for $5 at an airport and this is beyond not drinking; but wait, I would buy a bag of candy for $5…
  • Many companies provide discounts for cell phone plans
  • But they aren’t usually that great
  • BART is actually quite open about their investigation in this day of information
  • Maybe I want to work for Britney Spears
  • Confer is the right word to use when trying to say discuss but in a much more respectable terms
  • Design research/anthropology/strategy/etc. is hard to separate from marketing, especially for marketing people
  • Don’t use this place when they don’t support free speech
  • Same with this dentist
  • Despite reading her story several times, what happened 30 years ago is still so horrific
  • Mint might be monitoring me, even for good!
  • I am still not sure how to get proof of SF residency for the SF Zoo
  • How to serve divorce papers (I was looking to find how to serve papers…or being the one who is served)
  • Being the son of a father who left a horrific legacy is unforgivable
  • So is being named Adolf Hitler
  • Boxee found help!
  • Some women will wait their entire lives to marry
  • Full disclosure is best when applying for jobs
  • Boob warmers can be cool? (Thanks…CHRIS.)
  • Must bookmark this site for tahoe deals for skiing and snowboarding
  • Someone…someone has a new website…
  • Jack Bauer might die
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