“BART BART,” Chris likes to say sounds like a dog when we take the train. I ride it regularly to work, to shop, to the East Bay and to the airport. Unlike the other public transit systems, I do enjoy riding it (when there are no delays) because there is no conductor bothering me nor is there (rarely) a drunk guy with a water bottle full of vodka next to me.

But now with the recent incident and protests, should I really consider it my favorite form of public transit in the Bay Area? And why didn’t many of us know about it? Being in this bubble of highly educated twenty-somethings, I almost don’t pay attention to anything that doesn’t directly affect me.

I first heard of it when I saw Lauren’s tweet, but due to my lack of news awareness…I didn’t know what it was. It’s rather interesting that the word “riots” caught my eye. If I had just seen “protest”, I might have just dismissed it as the many protests out there…the ones that I sadly have become apathetic about (the apathy started when I was at Berkeley surrounded by one too many protests…). And only because there was more outcry, more violence, I think we noticed.

Yesterday, I received a notice to be wary of the gang that calls themselves the “BART police”. I imagined stereotypical gang members with baggy pants and bandanas who wore fake shields. But then I realized, the notice was satirizing what the real BART police were. How could I.

What bothers me about the police in my own personal encounters and stories people have related to me…is that…not all have a sense of right or wrong. Most have a power trip—an authority. Most are not college educated—only academy educated. That may be worth something, but why do some believe they are above the law? Why…do they take advantage of criminals even those who are not criminals—the ones who possess marijuana or the kids who trespass. Punish the “crime”, but don’t think it’s ok to take their money, to take their car, to steal their significant other, to think this is a rationale to treat another human unjustly.

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