Meeting great people

The bride and groom were amazing people, everyone said. I had never met them, only tagging along with Joe to an event where I didn’t know anybody.

He is so sweet, another friend repeatedly said. I have known him since he was 8. He saved me.

The stories, the amazing stories were told over and over again. Of the family’s pride, the parents and strength. And the groom finding a bride cross-country who was as accomplished as he was. As adventurous. And daring.

When I first was introduced to the groom and bride nearing the end of the reception, I was almost afraid that I would ruin the image of amazement and success—that in a shake of a hand and greeting I would through my own faltering ways find their glaring faults. But I shook their hands in silent awe as they continued greeting the guests who were smiling in joy.

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