TurnItIn.com is supposed to work flawlessly. So when I tried to join my MCB class to turn in my paper electronically, it wouldn\’t recognize the class id and password. I tried it…what…twenty times. BUT NO! It wouldn\’t recognize my class id and password. During lecture, Professor Presti mentioned how some private isps may block access to the site. But Earthlink DSL would do such a thing?! GRRRRRRRRRR. My anger has kept me up for an extra hour than it normally would.

I must admit the idea of turnitin.com is quite novel. It crosschecks your paper against all its resources to check for plagiarism. In fact, turnitin was created here in Berkeley. It is now used globally by universities across the world.

But it wouldn\’t let me join the class. And I made three different accounts. Maybe I should made an account for every e-mail address I have.

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  1. ARGH! So they e-mail me back saying…that I have to CLICK instead of hitting return. Sigh. A night of frusturation for nothing. :(

  2. Yup, I had to use turnitin.com for my english class too @@….and I have the same problem as you…(I hit return instead of clicking). Took me a whole day to figure that out too….:-D

    Do you know that it was an MCB GSI and his CS friend who came up with the idea of turnitin (according to my english teacher)…?

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