ARGH! Can you tell that I am upset now? I just found out that my supposedly future roommate found someone else. And he didn\’t even tell me that. That plus the fact that my parents refused to pay the extra $1000 makes me very MAD. It\’s like that place is gone just because they don\’t want to pay extra. And like…it\’s so hard to find a place in Berkeley. Really hard. Especially a good apartment.

And the place I am living now. Horrible electricity. Very cold during the winter. Everything falling apart. So like…what am I supposed to do now?! :(

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  1. *sob* :[ i\’m so so sorry jenn… i\’m here if you need me… too bad here is so far. :/

  2. Singles in dorms? No such thing. Dorms are only guaranteed for the first year in Berkeley. To find a single room near campus in an apartment is next to impossible.

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