I was afraid, then suddenly I was excited

Near midnight, I heard the ping sound on my phone indicating a new text message. Was it Jeff or Beverly? Maybe I had left something at their place.

Then I read the long message:
“I didn’t realize you were trying to get with people on some of these websites. All the way back in may and June. Great job u had me completly [sic] fooled I’m glad I know now that all your affairs I finally surfaced and just by reading your email that u had left this marriage years ago. Thanks for breaking my heart and balls for the last few years I appreciate that you are a lair and a cheater, it’s strange that u blame me because of your own guilt. Well I’ll keep reading and see what else you forgot to tell me.”

Then a minute later as my inbox was full, I received another text:
“I don’t want to fight or argue I want to grab some things so at least I can be comfortable sleeping in my car, or can you throw them out the door please”

At first, I was worried. Would this be a repeat of last year’s incident when a wife called me accused me of sleeping with her husband, thinking that I was the other woman? Last year, it had been amusing, but I came to my senses quickly wanting to spare the woman anguish. Then there was the mike fernando incident (meeting someone randomly on the phone) and other various crazy situations.

I immediately googled the number, wondering if I was being tricked. A telemarketer? Probably not. The phone number was very close to mine, so it was likely someone from the East Contra Costa area. I actually thought it was a woman…and thought about how I would respond. So without much hesitation, I called back. Mostly because I didn’t want text messages waking me up all night long.

I heard a voice answer, “Hello?”

Immediately, I was confused. It sounded just like my dad and I was about to say something along those lines. I stuttered for a moment as I tried to find the words to say something…I didn’t want to stay up too long. “Uh well…I just received text messages from this number.”

“Oh…sorry…those meant for my wife. She’s crazy…”

“Oh that’s ok. I hope you were able to send the messages to the right person. I hope you were able to resolve the issues…” I paused for an awkward moment.

“No not really. I have this scar on my head from the keys she threw against me.”

I winced and responded, “I hope things work out.”

“Thanks, good night.”

“You too”


I received another text (all this time I am somewhat angry that my inbox is filling up and hope this guy stops sending my texts)
“Whoever u are i apoligise [sic] for the text u were not supposed to get. I found out my ‘wife’ was and is cheating on me with a 70year old man, and after she beat me in the head with some keys and after i called the cops im the one that gets asked to leave and check out for the night. So she has a total of 3 affairs which were men all over the age of 60yrs old. So thanks for being a nice voice to hear for once today. I again thank u and have a great day in whatever u do tomorrow. Aaron”

Then another because one is just not enough:
“It must have been a money thing”

I am tempted to respond out of curiosity. I was so tempted to play out the drama and poke my nose where it doesn’t belong. I am curious, so horribly curious. But then I realize how little sleep I have been getting the last few days and don’t want to bother myself with it. So instead, unlike my former immaturity of my early twenties, I resist the temptation and close my phone.

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