Mission #4 BWHD

It’s a sad sad sad thing. But despite living only a few blocks from the bacon hot dog cart for almost 3 years, I had never had a taste.

Before going to Thailand, the idea of buying street food for some reason never really appealed to me. Thoughts of oh it’s probably not good just swirled inside me.

About a year ago, as we were passing the cart, I asked how much it was. $3. I was appalled thinking that it should be less…like $1 or $2. But I didn’t return until that fateful evening a week ago.

Two weeks before, I purchased bacon on a whim. I had accidentally bought a huge bag of prunes for $4 at the farmer’s market. The lady waved me in…prunes…only 4 dollars! I am not one to ever refuse fruit and I took it greedily handing over 4 dollar bills. But then what to do…an idea popped in my mind…wrap it with bacon.

At the BBQ later that day, my bacon-wrapped prunes were a hit for my friend’s surprise birthday. We ended up wrapping everything in bacon. At some point, I realized how unhealthy…and moreover, how unorganic (the pig probably wasn’t treated well) it was. I was intrigued.

Then the mission arrived.

Take a photo behind the bacon hot dog cooking equipment.

Chris found his sausage apron. I got our toy George Foreman Grill and found a gummy hot dog to emulate our photos in 2008. When you press on the George Foreman, there’s a sound effect of sizzling!

And so we found the guy on Mission near Medjool’s. We asked to take a photo…and he obliged. Laughing as he did so from his van. He said something to another woman inside the van in Spanish as Chris made expressions. And there it was…our bacon hot dog photo!

Monsieur Bacon Hot Dog

I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a bacon wrapped hot dog today.

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