Year 2009

WAIT hold on, my life is flashing in front of my eyes. At least the last 4 years as I import photos from iphoto on my powerbook to iphoto on my new macbook pro.


I spent the night reflecting on 2009. Unlike years past of 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008, 2009 started out hopeful, but hope slowly turned into reality. Success yes, growing in my leadership. But what hopes there were, they were disappointments. I always am optimistic for the future, because it’s a blank canvas. Come at me, 2010!


It’s time to take risks.


Exploring new worlds.


The start of my fascination of the unique and untouched.


Fresh opportunity awaits. I think.


It’s time for a wild ride.


Is this the big ocean? Will I get lost? Or will I discover…that there is nothing fantastic on the other side?


It’s sweet and divine, but appearancewise, it wasn’t what I expected at all.


A test of strength and competition.


It looks majestic as a whole, but it cannot stand on its own.


I am surprised too when I find that I am alone.


They told us it was grand, but when I saw it, it was nothing like what I expected.


Here there are choices. But which to start first?

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