My life did flash in front of my eyes

Despite the old adage, I love looking in the past. At the beginning of every month, I read the blog entries from one year ago. I subscribe to Photojojo auto-generated timecapsule of my Flickr photos. I ask people regularly about stories about what they used to do. And as I walk the streets, I am amazed how 10, 20, 30 years ago…life was pretty much the same (I learned my coworker who is at least 15 years my senior used to visit her boyfriend regularly in the Mission and hated driving in because she could never find parking…just like now).

A few days ago, in preparation of my annual photographic post I imported my entire iPhoto library from my old powerbook to my new macbook pro. I had only acquiesced to using iPhoto in mid-2005, but as a result, I got into the habit of loading all my photos there. And there were so many photos. So the photos flashed quickly as over 10,000+ photos loaded into my nearly empty iPhoto on my macbook pro.

There was me bowling with other CMUers, the Halloween party where Sam dressed up as Carolyn, the party where I tricked everyone that I was drinking during beer pong when I was only drinking OJ, my graduation, the day I re-met Chris, my housewarming party, a trip to Seattle, my first hike up to the big C, Alex and Sarah’s wedding, Bay to Breakers, the attempts to be truly touristy in San Francisco, the last time Chris wore his favorite yellow t-shirt, the day before I broke my tooth, the night before I got laid off, the trip to NYC and Pittsburgh…all captured.

And so that suddenly inspired me. Unlike many people, I have accomplished blogging every day before. Especially during college. But with constraints (like maintaining career potential for one), I sometimes almost have trouble finding something to say. So inspired by many others, I have the started the 365 project. A photo can have many meanings to the random viewer, to an acquaintance, to someone close and to me. And so it begins (when I actually uploaded photos). Alright let’s go!

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